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Mechanical Design & Build

Methodical is equipped to handle all of your mechanical needs. Whether through our local fabrication and tooling center or through our partners, we have the team and resources to design the right solution for you. 

DMG Tool & Die, our mid to large scale mechanical partner, is located in Bellefontaine, OH. Our team has partnered with DMG Tool & Die since 2020 and together we have delivered excellent mechanical solutions for our customers.

Why Methodical choose DMG Tool & Die?

  • Serving Ohio and surrounding areas since 2009

  • Experience with local automotive industry

  • In-house engineering and CAD support

  • Flexible processes for small and medium volume jobs

  • Advanced tools for CNC milling, turning, and EDM wire cutting

  • In-house welding and heat treating

  • 12,000 square feet available for assembly of large projects.

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